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It’s been some time I’ve been thinking about writing to our english readers. Webinferno is a project that takes a lot of my time. Because of that I end up not having so much time to write as often as I probably should.
Here at Webinferno we take great pride in the work we do and if you have taken some time to see our material, you understand we do all we do with almost no budget.
Why we do it? For the pure love of art. There are many people out there, I know, who can make masterfull productions, who can spend a lot of money in a production, but we, on the other hand, try to keep it simple. We rely solely on the talent of the artists we work with and a few photo and light techniques to make things happen.
Nonetheless we are expanding, and from our edit room we are taking the world.
We have been receiving visits from all sorts of diferent countries on our website which is one more reason for me to be writing to you all.
On the past months we have been producing a great ammount of material in photos and videos. Some of this material is already available in our Portuguese based site, as this is the native language of the project, but as more and more people from everywhere in the world start coming to our pages to find more content, I do understand the necessity of having more content here, in the english version of the website.
Therefore I first of all would like to apologize for not publishing our content in english and a promise you all this is about to change!

The Editor
Ricardo Cury – DeathVult

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