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ScareClown – Short film staring Ramon Ortiz

Ramon Ortiz is an actor, artist, performer, clown, jugler, full of talents,he influenced several people into the arts of circus performance and burlesque scene. It is with great pride that we exibit this short film with this fantastic artist.
Ramon is a great fellow, very simple and easy to work with. He is great in improvising and brings is character to life ery easily.
In the short film below you will meet a diferent clown, ScareClown is a character that was conceived exclusively for this short film with the help of Carol Mendes (another great artist, dancer and dance teacher well known for her live performances in Brazilian local scene)

Warning: The nail in the wooden stick that Ramon plays with in ScareClown are real. Do not try this at home. Ramon is a highly trained and experienced artist.


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Watch the full Short Film ScareClown below!

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