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Webinferno is an independent initiative. We started out as a platform for advertising and displaying local artists performance which we started to record on theatres and on the streets, of course, with their permission. We also did some independent productions.
We were just starting to get more interesting material done when the Pandemic started.

Brazil in Crisis

As you may have heard on the news, Brazil is one of the coutries where the government did absolutely nothing to help the people.
No mass testing, no isolation protocol, and the president wants the markets and businesses open. He said himself that he thinks the pandemic is overatted, that it’s just a simple flew, but Brazil has gone over 65 Thousand deaths.

Worst of all, there is no help from the government, which declared to help in R$600 monthly to those in need, but the criteria is hard specially for artists to meet, so many artists can’t count with this money. R$600 is equal to less than US$100 per month.
Needless to say it’s not enough to pay bills, even less to have enough to eat.

Brazilian Artists in Crisis

Because many artists depend on the streets to make a living, with their street acts, and others depend on venues which are all closed down, artists are completely on their own. The Brazilian government does not care for the artist:, in the presidents mind, arts are a form of cultural war brought by comunists, he thinks artists are spreading comunist ideas to the people.
This ideological war in which the Brazilian president is engaged in, is a smoke screen to cover up for more serious investigations related to his family.
Unfortunately the consequences of his words and actions leave Brazilian artists, and specifically street artists and theatre artists on a very precarious situation. Without money, without food and without no support whatsoever.

Subscribe to Webinferno to bring help to our cast of artists!

Viewing all this scenario of complete abandonment to our friends artists, we decided to work harder, make a bigger effort. We continued editing all the material we had and we set up a subscription option on our website and platform.
This way, by subscribing to Webinferno everyone can access exclusive and never seen material of our growing cast of artists and at the same time with the money we receive from these subscriptions, we can help provide for our growing cast of artists.

You can be part of this, with a simple subscription. US$2 per month will grant you access to tons of material produced and will help support our artists!
It’s not much to ask for, and the benefits are enourmous!

Subscribe Now!

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