Webinferno now will have a english Version

Webinferno is a platform with exclusive content that has been recorded and produced independently by our staff of artists. Here you can find a great variety of content in photos and videos that we procude continuosly.
The website content is mostly restricted, we decided to resctrict access to the content with a paywall so we can help the artists that participate in our work to make a living.

As many of you know, here Brazil where we are based, the government is not doing anything about the CoronaVirus pandemic, and the results are over 60 thousand people dead. Over 90% of the cities in the coutry have registered infected people.
Theatres and local venues are closed and artists are not being able to perform at the same time, some artists, as the ones we  work with, have no other means of making a living.
This is the main reason for us to have decided to setup a Paywall to grant acess to our content.
If you like what you see in the preview videos and photos, we urge you to please signup to our monthly acess plan. In Brazil it is R$10 per month which means if you are paying in Dollar it will cost you less than US$2 per month, and you will be directly helping artists that really need your support and gaining acess to all the content we publish on our website.
We post new vídeos and photos every week so you can be sure to see new material every week!


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